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Forex Signals from Banks

Forex trading signals from Banks:

Citibank — daily FX/Stock/Bond market commentary

Scotia Capital — daily global research

KBC Group — daily market commentary

CIBC World Markets — Daily, weekly and monthly analysis

Pictet Group — Forex daily market analysis

Unlike any other Forex signal providers, banks invite to track the logic behind their signals.

Many paid signals services never want you to know what factors are taken into account while creating trading signals...

Forex market commentary and signals from banks are based, first of all, on analysis of global economic figures — fundamental analysis and then supported by chart price studies — technical analysis.

We offer a list of free forex market commentaries from banks.

Facts are, at times Forex market reports from banks look a bit complicated to read and comprehend for many beginner Forex traders.
Also banks tend to review price action from the past, which some traders may find annoying, well.

Banks are the largest and trustful providers of open and explained Forex market commentaries.

If you have time during the day ow week, review Forex market signals from your favourite source and expand your understanding of the global market laws.

To access some commentaries you need Adobe Reader.