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Patient Traders Win in Forex

Why could it be so?

A visible behaviour pattern for many Forex traders - they seem to be in a constant hurry. They want to make money in Forex and they want to make it today, not tomorrow and certainly not in a week or month.

The truth is - making money takes time and it takes lots of patience.

You have a trading system, which gives you signals - follow it. The problem is, many of us don't have the patience to simply wait for a signal to appear. We won't the ideal market conditions for out trade, but we can't wait for those perfect conditions... This results in an impulsive opening/closing of the trading positions that shouldn't be there at all.

Why can't we be more patient?

Professional traders say that we're wrongly seeking an immediate reward and gratification from the trading decisions we make, rather than focusing on following the routine and do what it takes (including waiting time) to make profits.

How to learn to become more patient?

The Dilemma of Relying on Trading Signals

It’s ironic that, as I begin to write this article, the last email that I received just now is letting me know that the latest forex signals have been posted for the U.S. Prelim GDP. The reason that is ironic is the fact that this article will attempt to determine what place that the paid trading signals industry has in good forex trading.

Upon looking around the internet, I find that there are many services that claim some very impressive results with their signals. Why, I saw one that claimed a 99% success rate since October of 2007.

What does current financial crisis mean to Forex trading?

Current global financial crisis has caused many investors to flee from the stock market and to seek refuge elsewhere like gold or currencies.

Why did the current financial crisis doesn't have devastating effect on Forex?

The commodity traded on Forex is currencies. Since virtually all of the world's leading economies are experiencing a financial meltdown, currency rates have not changed significantly. Hence, when the stock market is crashing, Forex market is doing business as usual.

Forex Signals from Banks

Forex trading signals from Banks:

Citibank — daily FX/Stock/Bond market commentary

Scotia Capital — daily global research

KBC Group — daily market commentary

CIBC World Markets — Daily, weekly and monthly analysis

Pictet Group — Forex daily market analysis

The Role of Forex Signals on the Global Scale

Forex signals

As simple as it looks, Forex trading signals aren’t just the tools for traders who speculate on Forex market online; Forex signals’ auditory is much wider.

Virtually any business in the world that has to deal with foreign currencies for the purposes of buying/selling goods and services demands currency market signals to plan its strategic financial operations ahead in order to save additional costs.

And when we talk about such businesses as central banks, investment banks and other financial institutions which primary business tool is money, we can be 200% certain that they have high interest in currency exchange rates too and thus in trading signals that help to anticipate future market directions.

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